canadian institute for the advancement of bacon studies

l'institut canadien pour l'avancement d'études de lard fumé


• Bacon was discovered by Lewis and Clark on their journey to find the Northwest Passage, thusly making it the most 'Merican of all fried pork products, if not all food items.

• Bacon is the bottom (or the base) of Chuck Norris' food pyramid.

• The JFK assassination was actually masterminded by Jorge Regula, cab driver to Benjamin Finkle, head chef for a restaurant owned by Dave Leiland, cousin of Monica Lee, the second-grade classmate of Fred Goldman, who consequently married Barbara Wilson, housekeeper of Kevin Bacon.    submitted by Ms. Pokey of Arcata, CA

• Scientists in London have determined that raw bacon can be used as a cure for the annoying problem of warts or veruccas, which are caused by strains of the human papilloma virus.

• Bacon has been proven to lower cholesterol and strengthen the heart muscle. New studies, sponsored by the NBC are now showing a link between increased bacon consumption and reducing erectile dysfunction.

• The auto industry has been conducting wind tunnel tests on advanced model bacon-enhanced vehicles in an effort to raise fuel economy standards and reduce global warming.

• Bacon is used in third world countries for insulating huts and homes. Bacon’s natural thermal retention ability is simliar to that of commercially available fiberglass.


Fun facts about bacon!


1,000,001 uses and counting.